A Very Short Biography

David G Rosser

I first took an interest in photography in my early teens when a friend of my Father showed my a picture appearing on a piece of paper in a dish of developer in his darkroom - I was hooked and had a hobby that has lasted for the last 60 years.

My first camera was a Ensign Ful-Vue II which was followed by an Ilford Sportsman.  I decided very early that I did not want to make money out of my hobby and trained as an Engineer in the aerospace industry (when I retired I was an FRAeS).  I was able to indulge my hobby during training and all through my career and swiftly moved through Praktica Nova and other cameras of the mid 60s untill my local camera dealer persuaded me that I could afford a Nikon F.  I then had an F2 and a Leica M4, I kept the F2 till I moved to digital  My digital route saw rapid changes of gear D1H, > D2Hs,  > D700 then a complete switch to Fuji , first an XPro1 and now an Xpro2.

While I was shooting film I always had a darkroom and developed and printed not only black and white but also colour.  I printed colour both from colour negatives and from slides, for the latter I used the Kodak Color Reversal Paper process (at the time most of my friends were using the Cibachrome process). With the move to digital all my prints are made on a Canon Pro-100 printer and I use Adobe and Capture One software.

In my early days photographing I concentrated on Motor Sport and "available light" photographs of my long suffering friends but in later years as my wife and I traveled around the world most of my photography was of the travel genre, more lately I seem to have taken a lot of railway photographs.  I seem to have also accumulated a lot of wildlife photographs.

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